November 2, 2017

5 Fast Interior Renovations to Make This Holiday Season


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5 Fast Interior Renovations to Make This Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full swing, there’s no better time to consider making quick improvements to your home to impress all your guests. If you’re hosting a party or dinner at your house, you’ll want to make sure your house is ready for all your friends and family coming over to celebrate. Here’s a list of a few quick interior renovations you can do to give your home a little more of a fresh and inviting feel.

Update your kitchen and dining room lighting.

You and your family will likely be spending a good amount of time in the kitchen and dining room, between preparing and serving all the delicious holiday dishes. Poor or insufficient lighting in a room can quickly dampen the mood, and conversely, adequate lighting and fresh new fixtures can really bring a room to life. Considering your family will be spending a large portion of the time together in these rooms, buying new and modern light fixtures and making sure there’s enough ceiling or hanging lights to properly light the whole space can be key in setting the mood for your get together.

Paint or wallpaper a room.

Just as important as lighting, the color and style of the paint in the room can change the mood of the setting. First decide whether you’d rather go for paint or wallpaper; paint is easier to apply and cover up with more paint or wallpaper in the future, but certain wallpapers can provide a unique and festive style to a room where you’ll be gathering with your guests. Brighter, warmer colors promote good mood and can really set the perfect vibe along with the new lighting.

Update your kitchen hardware and appliances.

Spice up your cabinetry and counter space by replacing or adding new, modern hardware and appliances. Replace factory-issued handles and knobs on cabinets and drawers with designs that reflect your personal taste to give your kitchen a feel that fits your style. Update any of your old, ugly appliances with new, stainless steel appliances to clean up the look. If you’re looking for a unique or eclectic look, consider checking out local antique stores for eccentric hardware pieces.

Redo your kitchen counter backsplash.

Building on the theme of improving the look of your kitchen, a new counter backsplash can change the mood just as much as lighting or paint. Ceramic or glass tile laid in a staggered pattern is a common modern backsplash style, and with the right color pairing between your counter and backsplash, it can really tie together the theme and feel of your kitchen to give it a little more semblance.

Switch to energy saving windows.

The holiday season is the worst time of year in terms of energy usage. Between the frequent use of heat, powering decorative lights, and guests opening and closing the door to let the heat out, you’ll want to take every measure you can to save energy and save on your utility bill. If you have old, inefficient windows, replacing them with new energy saving windows to help keep your energy costs as low as possible.

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