Do You Know The Different Sheen Levels In Paint?

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Selecting The Right Sheen Levels In Paint For Your Space

Decisions, decisions — such is a part of life at every juncture. As any decision dilemma can best be described as a ‘Goldilocks moment,’ that of finding the ‘just right’ sheen level in paint is especially relevant. Consequently, the decision-making process is always made simpler with the attainment of knowledge and experience.

As well-seasoned renovations and remodeling experts, Morgan Contractors wishes to stress the importance of understanding the different sheen levels in paint, to begin with.

Selecting The Right Sheen Levels In Paint For Your Space

When trying to navigate the various sheen options, which include gloss or semi-gloss, satin, flat, matte, or eggshell — the sheen level in paint needs to be determined based on several factors.  These factors include:

  • Room size
  • Type of room
  • Amount of light in the room
  • Condition of the walls

The measure of sheen level in paint is determined by whether the light reflects or absorbs the paint surface.  Flat or Matte paint finishes absorb the brightness of a room, while high gloss or semi-gloss finishes reflect the light.  A high gloss or semi-gloss paint provides a luster — and is quite easy to clean! If there are several imperfections on your walls – consider the choice of flat or matte finish paint.

Keep the size, type, and amount of natural and artificial light of the room in mind when determining the best paint finish. A high or semi-gloss sheen would be an excellent choice in the laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen, where its staining and mildew resistant character reign supreme, as well as having outstanding durability where many hands may touch the walls daily. High gloss is the choice also for cabinets, doors, baseboard trim, and ceiling moldings.

In rooms that do not have much natural or artificial light and are small in size, it only makes sense to choose a higher sheen level in the paint to add brightness to the room space.

Where the home path is ‘less traveled’— such as entrance foyers, closets, master bedroom, or a guest bedroom, a matte or flat paint finish works well. In contrast, the elegance of eggshell or soft, satin finishes are popular options for the family living space, formal dining rooms, children’s bedrooms, and hallways due to its elegant, lower sheen, soft, smooth finish, stain, and scuff-resistant character. Satin and eggshell finishes are also more easily washed than flat or matte painted surfaces.

More Tips!

We conclude with the following additional painting tips to ensure a ‘just right’ paint project:

  • Matte finishes have less cost per gallon and require less prep of walls before painting due to its characteristic of hiding wall imperfections.
  • High gloss or semi-gloss paint will call attention to any imperfections of the wall and requires thorough cleaning and spackling of holes to ensure a smooth painted surface. High gloss or semi-gloss paints will look darker than what the paint swatch shows, so consider making the color a shade lighter.
  • Eggshell finishes provide the best ‘true color.’ Eggshell paint finishes are easy to paint over, should you wish a new room color.
  • Higher quality paints have higher pigment levels and resins, which provides long-lasting durability and fewer paint applications to cover the wall surface.


If you’re thinking of taking on a painting project, Morgan Contractors can help make your life tremendously easier. Contact us today, and we can help you sort through color selection, sheen levels in paint, and so much more!

Small Room Renovation Designs 101

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4 Small Room Renovation Tips You Need To Try

Living large does not have to ‘bust the budget.’ The ability to live large within a smaller space only takes a willingness to open one’s mind to new ways of seeing. The following are some small room renovation tips and ‘tricks’ to consider.

Create Open Floor Plans

The most common small room renovation trick to making a more modest space appear visually larger is removing the walls separating two or three combined small rooms. Minimize the room cluttering accessories of endless end tables, coffee tables, and table lamps. Use ceiling lighting or floor-to-ceiling pole lamps in opposite corners to provide even illumination to the room. Allow open shelving or cubes to act as a room divider, while also serving to display the bric-a-brac. Choose one sofa and a long, cushioned bench for seating, one that serves as extra storage space to store books, magazines, and blankets.

Use Wall Space Effectively

In a small bedroom where every inch of floor space matters, use floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinetry to eliminate the bulky clothes dresser. Let a bookshelf double as both a headboard and a nightstand for books.  Remove the doors of the closet and use the nook space as an out-of-the-way built-in desk. Painting walls a lighter, rather than darker color, will push those walls outward optically.  Naturally, for a children’s bedroom, the use of a bunk bed is a superb space saver!

Keep Design in Mind

Along with the previously mentioned bunk bed furniture design, consider nesting end tables for small living rooms, utility carts for a kitchen lacking adequate counter space, a drop-leaf table that adds or subtracts table width in small kitchen or dining room, and furniture offering multiple uses — such as sofa beds, multi-purpose cribs with changing table and dresser, and storage ottomans as part of the small room renovations.

Use monotone colors for floor and wall tiles in small bathrooms or when painting the walls of adjoining rooms to bring about a visual cohesiveness that optimizes the reality of a small space. Larger, rather than smaller, floor tiles will bring the eyes to see the unity of a room and make a small room appear larger. Horizontal striped wallpaper or painted horizontal stripes, as border design, will create the illusion of a longer wall. Vertical striped lines will draw the focus upward rather than on the room space.

Install Mirrors

‘It’s all done with mirrors,’ is the explanation of a magician’s trick that defies and skews reality — as when, ‘TA-DAAAH,’ the facts of a room’s dimensions are skewed by the presence of a mirror, which effectively extends a room’s length and width! Installing a mirror on one wall will give the appearance of more space, alleviating the feeling of being cramped or confined within a space.


If you’d like to take on any of these renovation tricks, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Morgan Contractors today!

Essential Winter Renovation Projects

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For several reasons, winter is a great season for fixer-uppers around the house. Not only are we spending the bulk of our time indoors, but contractors are generally less busy than in the spring or summer as well, so you’ll get some scheduling flexibility. Keep reading for some excellent winter renovation projects to keep you busy and make your home feel fresh!

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How House Upgrades Can Up Your Resale Value

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5 House Upgrades To Get The Best Value For Your Dollar

The wonderful thing about a home renovation is that you get to enjoy a freshly restored space and potentially boost your home’s resale value at the same time. While every renovation project greatly improves the condition of a home, certain house upgrades will prove more valuable down the road when it’s time to sell.

If you’re interested in doing a remodel, we’ve curated some ways you can get the most value for your dollar.

Here are 5 house upgrades to increase your home’s value:

A finished basement

If a home addition just isn’t in the cards and you want to ensure every existing room is habitable – finish your basement. Create a space that’s welcoming and lighten up the area to avoid that typical dark and cramped feeling. You could experiment with a bar, office, media room, or playroom for the kids. What’s more, if you have the space, consider adding another bathroom to really boost your home’s value.

Ample natural light

Whether you’re working with a large or small space, sometimes the layout of your home just doesn’t work in the sun’s favor. Natural light has the ability to really open up a home, giving it a much more spacious appearance. If your home is compartmentalized, try knocking down some walls or installing a skylight. Open floor plans that bring in natural light are exceedingly popular among home-buyers.

A work from home space

Because we live in a digital world, more and more individuals are staying home to work remotely. A great way to entice home-buyers is by converting a bedroom or basement into a home office. A visibly designated workspace with ample outlets is a great selling point and will work in your favor.

Updated bathrooms

It’s not unusual that home-buyers will have something to say about an outdated bathroom, a bathroom’s size, or the fact that there are just not enough of them. A bathroom remodel shows a tremendous return for your costs. Updating your amenities and fixtures will go a long way, but don’t forget about outdated plumbing and what’s going on behind the scenes. Adding another bathroom will also give you a competitive edge if homes in your neighborhood traditionally only have a certain number.

Updated kitchen

This is probably one of the most popular renovations and the costliest. However, this is a huge selling point for home-buyers. If they look at your kitchen and see that it already has all the bells and whistles, they’ll know it’s a future expense they won’t have to tackle any time soon. Updated countertops, a kitchen island for more counter space, a renovated backsplash, and upgraded appliances will surely entice home-buyers.

If you’re interested in giving your home a facelift, why not make it count? Morgan Contractors can help you with everything, from additions to renovations to restorations. Contact us today for a quote!

Your Ultimate Kitchen Renovation Guide

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With the holidays coming up, we’re all bound to be spending more time in the kitchen than usual. Between the extra work and extra people who will be moving around your space, it can start feeling tired and cramped. This is usually when ideas of how to better make use of your space come to mind. Whether a kitchen renovation is your dream or your current reality, keep reading for some tips that will ensure success.

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Mudroom Renovations 101

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We’re all looking for ways to improve the layout of our homes. Beyond the beauty of it all, we want to ensure each space is functional and practical for our everyday needs. There are usually a few rooms in our homes that could benefit from an organizational overhaul. Besides a traditional kitchen or bathroom renovation, a mudroom renovation may just be the pick-me-up your home needs.

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Laundry Room Reno Ideas

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While laundry rooms have never been known to be glamorous spaces in the past, today, they are certainly climbing their way to the top of the home renovations list. Homeowners have slowly begun to place emphasis on the spaces in their homes that were once hidden from guests’ eyes.

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Your Backyard Deck Upgrade For The Summer

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5 Backyard Deck Upgrades You Need To Try

Having some backyard space of your own is probably one of the greatest assets of a home. It’s a spot where you can spend time outside and enjoy the elements, away from it all. Since most backyards usually need some structure, a common feature most homeowners usually add is a deck. But what if your typical, standard deck just isn’t cutting it anymore?

If you’re looking for some backyard deck upgrade inspiration, we have a few great options for you. To learn how to optimize your enjoyment and make the most out of this traditional backyard staple, keep reading.

Here are five great backyard deck upgrades:

  1. Addition, addition, addition
    If you have the space and your deck is in good condition, why not build an addition? This is a great way to maximize your outdoor space, giving your family and friends more room to roam. A gazebo could be a great addition, giving you some extra shelter and a comfy spot to sit when the rain rolls in.
  2. Grow something
    Enhance the flowers and vegetables in your backyard by building garden boxes onto your deck. You can easily maintain and grow your veggies and flowers, as you won’t have to venture far to reach them. A garden box also adds some interest and color to an often-understated wood deck.
  3. Add some seating
    Built-in benches around the perimeter of your deck can offer another dimension of appeal. Spruce up your benches with some weather-friendly cushions and pillows to add some color! Your friends and family will be happy to have the extra seating during a get together as well.
  4. Add a cover
    During the warmer months, extending your living space outdoors always seems to be the goal. If you have a deck, why not add a wooden pergola or a roof frame? If you’re covered, you’ll never have to worry about taking your meal or relaxing afternoon indoors if it rains. The real bonus is not having to worry about bringing outdoor furniture and accessories in before a storm.
  5. Add some storage
    You may want to consider adding on some storage. You’d be amazed how convenient it is to have storage boxes built onto your deck. You don’t have to worry about lugging your cushions, pool accessories, or anything else into the house or shed overnight. It makes the clean-up quick, and your job even easier.

Your deck can easily go from lackluster to luminous with any of these upgrades. Is your deck in tip-top shape? Morgan Contractors has the expertise required to give you the deck you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today to make the most of your outdoor space!

How to Choose Floor Tiles 101

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The Best Practices On How To Choose Floor Tiles For Your Home

If you’re in the beginning stages of renovating your home, you may soon find yourself overwhelmed with a plethora of options to choose from. While some decisions are a matter of preference – others have everything to do with matching the right material with the right space. Tiles are no exception to this.

When selecting tiles for your home, beyond considering the material, design, texture, and color – you must acknowledge that not every tile works for every surface. If you’re wondering how to choose floor tiles, let’s take a look at some extra considerations to be mindful of during the selection.

Tile Absorption

If you are looking for floor tiles, perhaps an overly absorbent option may not be a suitable choice. Every tile has differing degrees of porosity. Areas that see a lot of moisture like a laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen should have tiles with minimal absorption. So, based on differing ratios of air holes to solid tile – what are the choices?

  • Non-Vitreous
    This tile format is not suggested for floor use of any kind. These tiles have an absorption rate of 7 percent.
  • Semi-Vitreous
    Moving in the right direction, this tile is less absorbent, but there are still more appropriate options on the market for high moisture areas. The water absorption rate for semi-vitreous tiles is 3 – 7 percent.
  • Vitreous
    With a water absorption rate of 0.5 – 3 percent, a tile with this porosity ratio would work best in a bedroom or living room.
  • Impervious
    This tile is highly recommended for floor use in mudrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. You can rest assured that your tiles will withstand any moisture that comes its way. These tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent.

Tile Durability

Another consideration when selecting floor tiles is durability. Tiles vary on their degree of hardiness. Areas which see the most foot traffic in your home should use some of the most resilient materials on the market. A stone’s ability to withstand heavy usage and scratches is measured by something called the Moh’s scale. Using these ratings, homeowners are able to make the appropriate selection for each space.

  • Class I Rating
    As far as floor tiles go, this scale of hardiness will not be able to withstand traditional foot traffic in any room of your home. However, if you’re considering putting tiles on your walls, tiles with this class rating can be a great option.
  • Class II Rating
    For your walls or areas that seldom see any hard-soled shoes, this hardness rating works well. Use these tiles in your bedroom or bathroom.
  • Class III Rating
    These tiles could handle their fair share of moderate traffic. We still wouldn’t suggest trudging through these areas with debris on your shoes, but they could work well in rooms that see an average amount of traction. And of course, your walls and countertops could benefit as well.
  • Class IV Rating
    We’re well on our way into a hardiness rating that can withstand some serious traffic. When considering the areas of your home that really take a beating – this is the tile hardness you want to use. Your kitchen, hallways, and entrance are used on a regular basis and could really stand to have a tile that maintains its durability.
  • Class V Rating
    This rating is so durable we can take it to commercial or industrial areas. Any kind of shoe, any kind of debris, any frequency of traction is no problem for these tiles.

When it comes to renovating your home, you want to make sure you’ve done your homework. Renovations don’t have to be burdensome. Call Morgan Contractors and discover how using a seasoned contractor will help during every stage of the process. Contact us today for a consultation!

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