Attic Bedroom: Creating Purpose for Unused Space

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Renovation Ideas for An Attic Bedroom

Your home has potential and you may not even know it. If you have an attic – we have the perfect solution for your unused space. Attics are generally used for storage, they sit peacefully under a pitched roof waiting for someone to put a box or an old piece of furniture in. At least, this is what they used to be for. What if we told you an attic bedroom could be in your near future?

Creating an attic bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated. Accommodating your belongings, clothes, and bed placement may seem like large hurdles, but we’ve curated some great tips on how you can make the most out of your attic space. With a little TLC your attic will not only be a livable space, but an enjoyable one as well.

The Eaves

These are the angled portions of the roof that come together to create the pitched ceiling. It may seem awkward to navigate around the room as the ceiling slopes. The best way to utilize these slopes is by creating open shelving at the base of the ceiling. Your storage problem is solved, and the shelving prevents you from approaching the slope and banging your head.

The Window

If possible, replacing the existing window with a larger one could make all the difference in the world. A floor-to-ceiling window could give you an ample amount of natural light to make the space look larger and feel more open.

The Lighting

With lower ceilings, it’s probably best not to have a dramatic light fixture hanging down. Mounting a light flush to the ceiling makes the most sense. This way, it won’t take up any additional space.

The Bed

Move it away from the walls. We’re trying to avoid any situation where you arise suddenly in the middle of the night and smash your head. By placing your bed away from the walls, you can still access the shelving under the eaves, make your bed, and move around the space with ease.

Who knew we could get so much space out of an attic! If you aren’t using your attic space to its full potential – contact Morgan Contractors and discover how we can transform your attic into a well-designed bedroom.

Can Natural Light Transform Your Living Space?

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5 Reasons to Prioritize Natural Light In Your Next Renovation

Getting enough natural light seems to be a challenge for most people. We all love it, we all need it, and we are definitely not getting enough of it. For those of us who live in climates with four distinct seasons, the challenge becomes more pressing. This leaves us needing to prioritize natural light indoors. While we are limited at work, with most of us enduring the warmth of a fluorescent light bulb – our own living space is brimming with options.

The benefits of having natural light in your home are endless. If large windows, sunrooms, and solariums are limited in your living space – have no fear. Your next renovation could greatly improve your home’s natural light, leaving you not only with added health benefits, but with improvements in your overall energy consumption.

Energy consumption

Would you believe that the right amount of natural light could decrease your energy costs by upwards of 75%? Almost half of the energy used in our homes is dedicated to temperature control. With natural light streaming in, we are cutting down our usage of indoor artificial lighting and heating.

SAD no more

Anyone who lives in a climate that reaches below zero temperatures in the winter knows what Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is. With our daily sun exposure becoming limited or even non-existent – some of the population can be affected by decreased serotonin levels, melatonin levels, and upsets to the body’s internal clock. Natural light can improve productivity, make you calmer, and even happier.

Sleeping beauty

Our guiding light is, well, light. It is the major controller of our day-night cycle, which influences our body temperature, metabolism, and sleep. Getting in thirty minutes of some morning sunlight within the first hour after you’re awake could improve your sleep patterns, especially those with insomnia.

Healthier living space

If you have a dark living space, this usually means you’ll have various issues with dampness. Things tend to take a long time to dry out, especially during the colder months when all your windows are shut. Natural light can reduce overall dampness, decreasing the amount of mildew and mold growth. Mold can wreak havoc on your respiratory system, increase eye and skin irritation, and kickstart a bad allergy. Vitamin D is a big one – because without it we wouldn’t have sufficient immune system regulation. Natural light means healthier air.

It’s just pretty

Looking beyond its health benefits, natural light can bring beauty to even the smallest of spaces. Natural light has always been on the top of the list when looking for a home. It has this magical ability to make a room look larger, enhance your interior, and illuminate your housing features.

Your home should be your happy place. Natural light seems to be an element that has full benefits across the board. Your living space can be more aesthetically pleasing, healthier, and more cost-effective to run. Natural light is a triple threat. Let Morgan Contractors show you how your home can benefit. Contact us for a consultation – we’d love to shine some light on your natural light situation!

Utilize Wasted Storage Space Through Closet Re-designs

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How Specialized Closet Layouts Enhance Storage Space

In a bedroom, the closet is often the least organized area. In all honesty, it usually becomes a haphazard storage space, making it impossible to find what you’re looking for. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the disorganization occurring in your space, it might be time for a storage space remodel. Check out these neat closet redesigns that incorporate ample storage solutions.


Throw out that dingy old dresser because with this remodel, your closet will have all the space you need. Remove a hanging bar from your closet to make way for shelving and drawers. When you can neatly keep socks and pants in the same closet at dresses and jackets, your room will immediately feel more organized.

Shoe Space

Shoes are one of the most difficult items to store properly. But with a well-organized closet, you’ll never have to worry again. Build a narrow shelf to keep shoes separate from your clothing. Try placing a hanging shoe rack over your closet door for better organization. For those boots and sandals you don’t wear all year long, building in a versatile chest will do wonders for your storage space.

Basket Storage

Tuck away those random knick-knacks you don’t typically use – like belts, scarves, and hats – in a basket. Storing baskets at the top of your closet space is a great, discrete storage solution. You can throw a ton of stuff into one bin without looking disorganized.

Double Hanging Racks

Refinish your closet to include a second layer of hanging space. Shorter items, like shirts and sweaters, can hang from the top, while pants and shirts hang on the bottom. Doubling up your hanging space will completely revamp your closet organization strategy.


If you’re fortunate enough to have a walk-in closet, try remodeling the entire interior. Add in a space for your vanity, or insert a built-in jewelry case. These closet remodels will take the clutter from your bedroom and reorganize it into designated compartments in your closet. Now, everything you need to get ready is in one, compact space!

If you’re looking to redesign your closet interior, contact the professionals at Morgan Contractors. We’ll help your organization dreams come true with upgraded shelving, beautiful built-ins, and more.

Remodeling Small Rooms for Increased Living Space

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The Basic Remodeling Guidelines for Smaller Spaces

Whether you intentionally purchased a smaller home with hopes of remodeling, or you have recently grown out of your space, expanding your home does not have to be a difficult process. Check out these remodeling tips before you upgrade your home.

Opening Up Rooms

If you don’t necessarily need a bigger home, just bigger rooms, try doubling up your internal space. Think about the room structures in your house. If you don’t use a smaller room, knocking down its walls to expand its adjacent living room is a great idea. You can even knock down room walls but still use the space for their intended purposes. For example, knocking down your dining room wall so the room flows straight into the kitchen will make your home feel bigger, without sacrificing any living space.

Expansive Additions

For a major remodeling project, expand your home up or out. If you’re looking for more square footage, an addition is the best choice. Price-wise, expanding outward is the cheapest option. Just keep in mind you will lose yard space in the process. If you don’t want to sacrifice any yard space, build up another story to your home. While this is typically a more expensive route, it can greatly increase the square-footage of your home.

Converting Rooms

If you don’t want to knock down walls or build up new ones, try remodeling inside the home. Attic spaces can easily be turned into an office or bedroom. Unfinished basements can be converted into livable spaces just the same. Get creative with your unused space and your home will instantly feel bigger.

Build a Deck

Decks and patios are perfect for enjoying the fresh air. Build an outdoor seating area as an extension to your entertainment space. Having the option to spill your dinner party into a large patio will completely revamp the appearance of your home.

If you’re feeling too small for your space and are thinking of remodeling your home, reach out to the professionals at Morgan Contractors. Our team is highly skilled in both indoor and outdoor remodeling projects, giving you the roomy feel you’re looking for.

Add Warmth to Your Home with Basement Finishing Projects

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Basement Finishing: Key Factors to A Cozy Space

Your home should always feel warm, inviting, and comfortable. One way to keep it comfortable and add more space to your home is through basement finishing. The basement can be utilized in many different ways if you decide to tackle that project:

Your Family is Growing

Having a big family is great, but if you don’t have the space for it, it can get crowded. Tripping over toys and constantly having to tell the kids to play outside or in their rooms can be exhausting. Once they are teenagers, you have to deal with even more kids in the house, seeing as they are always with their friends. If you invest in basement finishing, you are opening up an entire layer of the house for your kids to enjoy coloring, a game of foosball, and defeating those aliens on the PlayStation.

The Man Cave

Family time is enjoyable and loving, however, sometimes you just want to enjoy NFL Sundays in solitude. Why not convert your basement into a “man cave?” Add a couch, a recliner, and of course a mounted flat screen TV. You can utilize the space in a finished basement and add a fridge and some other seating for when you invite your buddies over. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the game.

Office Space

Many jobs today allow their employees to work out of the comfort of their own homes, however, not many people have the space for an at-home office. Basement finishing will allow you to create a big, quiet work space designated for you to focus and get your work done. Take advantage of the space by adding a big desk, a comfortable office chair, and the largest monitor you can find! Working has never been more relaxing.

In-Home Gym

Most people decide to go to the gym after work. Therefore, it’s always busy. There’s nothing worse than standing around waiting for a machine or feeling rushed when you’re on one. With a finished basement, you can convert that space into your very own gym. You won’t have to wait your turn, you can wear whatever you want, and you save money on a membership.

The In-Laws

It’s always a good time when family visits, but when they stay overnight, it could get a bit crowded. Your teenagers don’t want to give up their rooms, you only have so much space on the couches, and where will you sleep if you give up your bed to the in-laws? Finish your basement and add a nice space for your visitors to stay! If your basement is big enough, you can even add a bathroom to make it more accessible for your family.

Adds Value

Basement finishing adds space to your home, comfort, and even fun – depending on what you plan to put down there once it’s finished, but in the end, it adds value no matter what. Having a finished basement create livable square footage, making the value of your home skyrocket. If you decide to sell your home in the future, finish the basement first to get that extra cash.

Health & Safety

The added space to your home with a finished basement is a plus, but what is even better? Your health and safety. A finished basement eliminates damp and moldy areas you may have in a regular basement. These areas can cause mold and damage to the walls or floors. Once you’ve finished your basement with new, dry flooring, carpets, walls, and more, you eliminate the potential toxic problems you may have developed.

Basement finishing creates comfortability and keeps your home economically positive. If this is something you choose to do, thinking about the lifestyle and investment opportunities a finished basement can provide. Think about anything from an additional room, to entertainment, to your very own designated quiet space, and plan it out accordingly. Morgan Contractors specializes in construction, design, and remodeling. Allow us to tackle your basement finishing project.

How to Prepare For Major Home Improvement Renovations

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Get Ready For Some Home Improvement

You’re in an exciting spot. It’s time to renovate your home to become the one you dream of, but how do you prepare? When it comes to home improvement renovations, there’s a lot to consider. Stay excited, but don’t let your excitement blind you from considering the various aspects of a renovation project.

Whether your ideas are big or small, you need to flow through the necessary steps in order to reach your project goals. Whether you’re renovations are still a pipe dream or a current reality, use this guide as a home improvement road map to ensure your renovation reaches its full potential.

Narrow down your project

It’s hard not to get ahead of yourself and fantasize about all your renovation ideas at once. However, you can’t forget you’re still living in this space during the renovations and these projects take a lot of time. Combat the starter excitement and pick just one project to start with. This way you can make better project decisions by giving it your full attention.

Set a realistic budget

Consider your financial standpoint and what you can realistically accomplish with your budget. This reality might even change the scope of your renovation. Map out the expense of materials and labor and see if your finances allow you to meet your project goals. If you don’t have a lot of wiggle room with your budget then you might need to rework your plans or delay the renovation. Ultimately, your budget is a huge determining factor in the preparation process and lays the framework on what you can accomplish.

Put your ideas into action

Now comes the best part- designing your renovation. It’s a smart idea to have a strong idea of what you want before speaking with your contractor to include it in your pre-existing budget. Try not to get too attached, as some details may need to change once you speak with your contractor, but that’s okay! Make a list of absolute priorities and allow some breathing room for the less important details. If you know granite countertops are a must for your kitchen renovation, then it will be much easier to part with the extra fancy cabinet designs to stay within your budget.

Find the right contractor

A good contractor makes all the difference. Ideally, you’re looking for a modestly priced contractor with the proper credentials and a creative eye. Remember, contractors complete home renovations like yours all the time, so it’s likely they have good recommendations on materials, styles, and layouts. Your contractor is responsible for making your vision come alive, so you want solid trust and rapport with them. Don’t stop your search until you find someone transparent and willing to assist you every step of the way.

Your home serves as a sacred space for you to live, play, and relax. An abundance of your time is spent in your home, you deserve to enjoy every corner of it. If your situation and budget allows for it, take the leap and go for the project you dream about.

Here at Morgan Contractors, we’re experts in various types of home renovations and we can make your dream home a reality. Refer to our website for a look at our completed work and how we can tackle your next home improvement project. If you’ve pushed off your renovation far too long and you’re ready to get the ball rolling, contact us today for a free quote.

The Latest Innovations in Construction Technology

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Construction Technology is Revolutionizing Residential Builds

In recent years, residential construction has hopped aboard the technological trends. From 3D rendering to high-speed robots, home builds are now being completed more efficiently than ever before. As the technological world around us continues to evolve, let’s take a look into how it has affected residential construction technology.

Virtual Reality

VR technology has stretched far beyond video games. Construction sites are now able to utilize this technology to fully immerse prospective homeowners into the environment of planned construction.

Wearable Technology

New construction technology has even been able to assist in safety measures. Wearable technology can track where workers are within the jobsite, and notify the team when someone has fallen or is injured. This technology can even warn other workers about potential hazards as they are circulating the structure.

Machine Learning

Through machine learning, robots can provide real-time analysis to building companies. Analyzing photos and videos can help identify potential safety violations, and ensure everything is up to par before build competition.

3D Lasers Scanners

With scanning technology, residential construction sites can capture detailed visualizations of a structure, down to 2-millimeters worth of accuracy.


Drone technology has revamped almost every current industry – including construction. Bring material loads and survey the surrounding land faster than ever before.

Robotic Building

Taking the place of manual labor, robotic technology can now complete construction jobs at far superior speeds. This is especially useful when residential projects need heavy lifting.

With enhanced technology comes enhanced productivity. As the housing market flourishes, and more and more people are opting to build or reconstruct their homes, residential construction technology is more prominent than ever. To learn more how you can utilize updated technology in the construction of your home, contact Morgan Contractors today. We specialize in everything from building to remodeling and construction.

Updating Your Exterior With A Wrap-Around Porch

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Picture this: a white picket fence enclosing a cozy home with a wrap-around porch – the typical dream home. But could this exterior feature be a bit cliché for your home renovations? Never.

A wrap-around porch will always be a beautiful exterior addition to any suburban home.

What is a Wrap-Around Porch?

A wrap-around porch is a shallow veranda that encloses at least two sides of your home. These porches can be made from varying types of material and are able to be customized to suit the aesthetic of your home.

A Wrap-Around Porch Can Enhance Your Home

  • More Entertainment Possibilities

A porch lining the exterior of your home provides ample space to entertain guests when the weather is nice. It’s as if you have an additional room that allows you to experience the refreshing, crisp air.

  • Relax Outside

A wrap-around porch is also great for personal use. Whether you want to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the early morning or sit outside in the cool night air, a wrap-around porch will bring you all the benefits of being outside while maintaining some sort of coverage.

  • Enhance Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to sell your home, or just want to show your updated exterior off to your neighbors, a wrap-around porch is the way to go. Pedestrians strolling by will love the look of the partially enclosed porch, as it enhances the functionality and aesthetic of your overall home.

  • Capture Classic Charm

Oftentimes we see wrap-around porches on the exterior of Victorian or Colonial homes. Renovating your home to include one of these structures will bring a charming hint of traditional architecture to your modern suburban area.

Are your looking to update your home’s image? Contact the experts at Morgan Contractors. We’ll work with you to determine if a wrap-around porch would suit your home. No matter what renovation project you’re looking to accomplish, Morgan Contractors has got your covered.

Hottest Remodel Kitchen Trends of 2018

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Hop On These Kitchen Trends For An Updated Look

Over the years, kitchens have become the most integral part of a home. As architecture and designs have evolved, so have the functionality and comfort of our most prized room. If you’re feeling like your kitchen is becoming a little outdated, and no longer emanates that hominess feeling everyone hopes to achieve, it might be time for a remodel. 

Before tacking this major home project, check out the latest kitchen trends of 2018. Not only will your home have a beautiful, remade look, but its comfort and versatility will help cultivate further creativity in the kitchen.  

Smart Kitchens 

It’s no surprise that technology innovations have been on the rapid incline over the past decade. Its only recently, however, that it’s been making its way to the kitchen. There are now several types of smart refrigeration appliances that can easily be set up in your newly renovated kitchen. These updated appliances can connect to your phone to track grocery lists, pull up your favorite recipes or remind you when your milk is running low. From crockpots to coffee makers, and even smart technology silverware, integrating technology into your kitchen is one of the hottest kitchen trends of this year. 

White Cabinets 

The clean aesthetic of white cabinetry has been sweeping kitchens everywhere. The sleek look of white cabinets emphasizes a more modernized look. With so much bustle constantly occurring within our kitchen walls, creating a minimalist look is a must. A clean, white finish will dramatically decrease any harsh colors within the room, to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

Ceramic Tiles 

Hardwood flooring has been leading the floor trends for quite some time, but ceramic tiles are beginning to gain popularity. Since it now comes in a variety of sizes and styles, ceramic has become a great alternative for kitchen floors. People are even beginning to purchase ceramic tiles that replicate the image of wooden floors, or even natural stones. Its versatile nature has made ceramic tile flooring one of the most popular kitchen trends of this year.

Automated Appliances 

Going along with the aforementioned smart-technology trend, many common appliances are upping their technology in other ways. Sinks, soap dispensers, garbage cans and even lighting can now be started with the tap of a finger. While decreasing germ contact and increase ease of use, automated appliances have become a helpful feature within our kitchens.  

Soft-Close Doors 

Some of the most innovate kitchen trends are the ones you can’t see. Oftentimes, the kitchen will have a constant stream of family members coming in and out. Your cabinets and drawers experience some of the most wear and tear. This year, treat your kitchen nicely. Installing soft-close doors will make your kitchen feel more calming without the loud banging of cabinetry.   

Oversized Light Fixtures 

Having and ample amount of light in the area where you create the most throughout the day is a given essential. Since light fixtures are already a necessity, why not spruce them up a bit? Pendant lighting above kitchen islands or tables brings a new trendy means of illuminating your space. While over-sized fixtures do not necessarily provide more light, they do give off a more dramatic and statement style. This 2018 kitchen trend will be sure to stand out within your home.  


If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen to include a few of this year’s kitchen trends, contact Morgan Contractors today. Our architectural specialists will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams.    

What Roof Type is Best for Your Home?

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A Guide to Different Roof Types and Styles

Exterior protection is the foundation to your home. Make sure you’re choosing the right roof type that suits all of your living needs. With a variety of different types of roofs available for installation, deciding what’s best for your home can be a challenging task. From popular asphalt roofs to the sleek look of slate tiles, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Whether you’re looking for a pleasing aesthetic to top off your home or a sturdy roof to withstand tough weather, these roofs have got you covered.


Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roof type amongst American homes. This material is so widely used due to its affordable cost and ability to provide solid protection. Fiberglass shingles are made out of a mesh mat covered in asphalt and topped with granules. It’s lightweight nature and resistance to tearing make it a solid choice for construction. Organic singles are made a bit differently. Created from recycled paper and saturated in asphalt, organic shingles are also a lightweight and tear-resistant option. However, the use of this material has begun to decrease due to its tendency to dry out and become less waterproof over time. If you’re looking for a short-term, inexpensive roof type, asphalt shingles are a solid option, especially if you plan on selling your home in less than 10 years.

Wood Shingles and shakes

Wood shingles and shakes have been a long trusted roof type. Wood shingles are machine cut, creating cleaner edges, while shakes are hand cut from wood blocks to create a thicker and more rugged look. Cedar and redwood roofing contain oil to make them naturally weather resistant. This rustic style can also last five to 10 years longer than asphalt. Wood roofing, however, is more difficult to install and costly to repair. The fact that this roof type can also be a fire hazard is something to stay mindful of.

Clay and Concrete Tiles

Amongst the different types of roofs are beautiful clay and concrete tiles. This material offers over 50 years of durability. Although heavier and more costly than the other roof types, clay and concrete tiles provide a classy, textured appearance to your home to increase its curb appeal. Another perk to this roof type is its notable resistance to fire. However, its heavy nature requires extra framing support, and roofing repair is more difficult due to its tendency to break when walked on. If you’re looking to finish off the aesthetic to your Mediterranean, South-western, or Spanish-style home, clay tiles are the right choice.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a durable and eco-friendly roofing style. Sheet metal can be made into a variety of appearances to look like shingles, shakes, and tiles. With a lifespan of 50 to 100 years, metal roofs are built to last. Unlike the different types of roofs, metal reflects radiant solar heat so it can keep homes cooler and save energy. Metal can also withstand and protect homes from foul weather better than any other material, but it will easily dent if hit with a heavy object. It’s lightweight and versatile nature makes metal roofing a trusted option. Just keep in mind that it will come at a higher cost to install and repair.


Slate is the most durable type of roof on the market, but much heavier than its alternative options. The varied colored appearance offers a distinctive and sought after beauty to cover your home. It’s sturdiness and sustainability will typically last you between 40 and 60 years. However, if you aren’t looking to buck up for this popular roof type, synthetic slate tiles are a valuable alternative. They are less costly and hold a lighter weight. Both of these roof types require little maintenance, yet it can only be installed by contractors that specialize in slate.


With a variety of different types of roofs available to choose from, it’s important to ensure you’re picking the best material for your home and budget. For more insight and information on roofing material, contact a professional at Morgan Contractors. Our experience and expertise will help you to achieve your dream home aesthetic.