January 13, 2020

Essential Winter Renovation Projects


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5 Winter Renovation Ideas to Try This Season

Let’s face it, finding yourself confined to your home’s interior may be tough during the colder months. The good news is, you can still make the most of this time by sprucing up a few areas and features in your home, creating a space that is both warm and inviting.

For several reasons, winter is a great season for fixer-uppers around the house. Not only are we spending the bulk of our time indoors, but contractors are generally less busy than in the spring or summer as well, so you’ll get some scheduling flexibility. Keep reading for some excellent winter renovation projects to keep you busy and make your home feel fresh!

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen, for most of us, tends to be the focus of most social gatherings. As your cabinets see their fair share of traffic and slamming, why not refresh your cabinetry with a fresh coat of paint, or change those outdated drawer pulls and knobs? Try adding some hardware with a splash of color to make your kitchen feel cheerful and homey.


After the hustle and bustle of holiday traffic, your carpets may have taken a beating. The first few months of the year is the perfect time to replace any ripped or bulging carpeting. Plus, carpet can make everything feel cozier, starting the year off right to help withstand the rest of the snowy season.

The Laundry Room

Although it’s a staple in your weekend routine, the laundry room is always the last room to get an update. First, give your laundry room a nice, thorough cleaning. Then, build in some functional storage, add more lighting, and make the room multi-functional to store other household necessities. In no time, you’ll turn this room into a place that you’ll actually enjoy spending time.

Kitchen Backsplash

Looking for a way to bring some color into your kitchen? Adding a new backsplash with a complimentary color is the perfect way to bring some spirit back into your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Bathroom Faucets

For most, the bathroom seems like the most daunting of winter renovations. Instead of looking at the whole room, focus on something smaller to make a big impact, such as replacing your bathroom faucet and other hardware features. This may even help you save on your water bill as newer features tend to help conserve water better.


No matter what project you decide to take on this winter season, never hesitate to bring in a professional for sound installation and delivery. Morgan Contractors is well-seasoned in home renovations, restorations, and more. Contact us today for a quote!

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