May 30, 2017

Get Your Home Ready for Summer


Morgan Contractors


Summer is the time of family vacations, lazy days at the beach, backyard barbecues and warm, cozy evenings. For many homeowners, however, it is also a season of bugs, intense indoor temperatures, and even worse utility bills. To help you enjoy all the fun parts of summer while minimizing the problems that make it unpleasant, we’ve put together some of our favorite tips. By following these simple suggestions, you can summer-proof your home and make your leisure time more comfortable.

  1. Schedule a home energy audit. Before you make any changes or improvements, it’s important to understand how efficient (or not) your home energy usage is. Whether you conduct the audit yourself or hire a professional, you’ll discover how to prioritize your summer projects. We recommend this guide for homeowners who want to tackle the audit themselves.
  1. Improve your insulation. We always worry about hot air escaping through windows or under the door during the winter, but rarely think about the opposite during the summer. Don’t let the air conditioning leak as well. Adding insulation prior to the summer is a smart and efficient way to cut costs and increase comfort.
  1. Upgrade your windows. Following the logic from point #2, replacing old windows is an excellent way to minimize both the loss of cold air and the entry of solar heat. The initial investment will cost you, but over time, new windows can pay for themselves by reducing energy bills. Check out our recent article on window replacement to learn about the best season to do the job.
  1. Choose the right AC unit(s). This is probably your biggest summer-proofing decision, and could also be the most expensive. The truth is, you don’t almost need the biggest, most powerful air conditioner. In fact, they can run your bills up without providing a commensurate benefit. The same goes for small units – they may work too hard to cool a space and cost you big. To avoid these hazards, consult a professional about the most efficient air conditioning solutions for individual rooms or your home as a whole.

Of course, these are all solutions that will cost you time and money. Before you tackle any summer-proofing project, we recommend having a family meeting. Discuss what temperature is tolerable for your home’s interior. With a little creativity and a few fans, you might find that your need for a new air conditioner is not as great as you initially thought. However, if temperature and cost control are a must, then we recommend the solutions list above.

At Morgan Contractors, we have more than 18 years of experience providing quality home improvement services, summer-proofing projects, to the Tristate area. So, if you are looking for a safety-compliant, fully insured, highly reputable company for your next home improvement job, we are it!

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