June 19, 2018

Increased Home Value: Functional Ways to Design Your Bathroom


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Increase Your Home’s Value with These Bathroom Design Tips

If you’re looking for ways to increase your home’s value, then focus your attention on updating the bathrooms. Bathrooms are one of the top selling points of any home, so any improvements made will almost guarantee increased home value. Here are ten simple bathroom updates that can help you boost your asking price when it’s time to sell.

  1. Swap Outdated Fixtures

Replacing old faucets and towel bars with newer ones can go a long way to giving your bathroom an updated look. Choose finishes like satin or brushed nickel that pair well with most tile. Chrome is always a good, classic choice. Just know that chrome attracts water spots and will require frequent cleaning.

  1. Create Twin Sinks

For shared bathrooms, installing an extra sink can be a brilliant move. Twin sinks make any bathroom look bigger than it is, but keep in mind that you’ll need a minimum of 60 inches to comfortably accommodate the addition. Vessel or undermount styles are your best options if you have limited counter space.

  1. Update Lighting

Remove any outdated bathroom lighting and opt for something more stylish as well as functional. For a layered and luxurious effect, include overhead bathroom lighting along with task lighting around the mirror. You can easily install a dimmer for added versatility and control.

  1. Integrate Custom Storage

Nothing translates into increased home value quite like ample storage space, and this extends to the bathroom as well. Prospective buyers love to see plenty of space in the bathroom for everything from towels to toiletries to toothbrushes. Keep this in mind when selecting your cabinetry for the bathroom. Choose a vanity with plenty of deep drawers and lots of under-sink cabinet space. If your bathroom is narrow, install vertical shelving and higher cabinets.

  1. Use Neutral Colors

A fresh coat of paint is a no-brainer when updating the bathroom. Just be sure to choose light and neutral colors for a clean, fresh look. Neutral colors will give the bathroom an open, airy feel, and your fixtures will pop in contrast, resulting in a very attractive look.

  1. Play Up the Tub

If your bathroom has a tiny, outdated tub consider replacing it with something more modern and luxurious. Complete the transformation by styling it with your favorite bath products and accessories. Keep pretty towels, aromatic soaps, and colorful bath salts within reach.

  1. Add a Spacious Shower

Instead of upgrading your old tub you can also consider having a contractor replace it with a spacious modern shower. Thoughtful features like built-in shelves, storage niches, and benches are upgrades you (or future owners) will greatly appreciate. While you’re at it, update the shower fixtures. Replacing a showerhead is so simple that you can likely do it yourself.

  1. Install New Tile

Whether it’s on the floor or on the walls, be sure to choose your tile wisely because it’s not something that can be easily replaced down the line. Stick with classic designs, neutral colors, and a pattern you’re confident you’ll be happy with for several years, and that future homebuyers will likely appreciate. Keep in mind, large tiles can help a small room appear more spacious and diagonal installation can help a narrow room appear wider.

  1. Let in Natural Light

We like our bathrooms to be private so there are usually few windows to allow natural light in. But talk to a contractor about strategically placing windows or skylights in your bathroom to let in in some light while retaining privacy. Even a small window can provide a significant amount of light and help a small bathroom feel airy and bright.

  1. Do a Deep Clean

Probably the cheapest way to improve your bathroom is to give it a thorough cleaning. Scrub the sink, the tub, the walls, the grout—don’t overlook any detail. You’ll be surprised at how much a deep clean of every nook and cranny can refresh the overall appearance of your bathroom.


Whether you’re looking for increased home value, or just a better bathroom that you and your family can enjoy, you can’t go wrong with any of these tips.

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