September 10, 2019

Mudroom Renovations 101


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Why A Mudroom Renovation Or Addition Is Essential In Your Home

We’re all looking for ways to improve the layout of our homes. Beyond the beauty of it all, we want to ensure each space is functional and practical for our everyday needs. There are usually a few rooms in our homes that could benefit from an organizational overhaul. Besides a traditional kitchen or bathroom renovation, a mudroom renovation may just be the pick-me-up your home needs.

A mudroom has been known to make many homeowners’ lives easier. For those of us braving four distinct seasons, having a space to organize our outdoor gear, equipment, and other seasonal accouterments is a lifesaver. We’ve curated some features that together make an all-encompassing, efficient mudroom.

Tile Flooring

Let’s face it; your flooring in this space will see its fair share of dirt and debris. For this reason, using a durable floor material that can handle high traffic is essential. Not only are tile floors durable, but they are also extremely easy to clean and maintain. Bringing in mud, snow, or rain from outside will no longer be a dreaded issue.

A Utility Sink

A sink is a great feature to make messy cleanups a breeze. You won’t have to worry about dragging any soiled items through your immaculate home to get to a sink. A utility sink can help with gardening, arts and crafts, soaking any clothing items which may have become stained, etc. If you’ve installed a larger sink – you can make this an impromptu animal bath.

Your Washer & Dryer

If space permits it – why not make this room multi-functional? Doing your laundry in the basement is not the most convenient thing. Lugging a heavy load of laundry up a full flight of stairs isn’t fun either. A washer and dryer in your mudroom make it quick and simple to send things off to the washing machine after a day outdoors.

A Bench

Since this is about making things a little easier, having a mudroom bench to sit down and put your shoes on is a glorious thing. A bench could also double as storage for any items you wish to keep concealed.

Shelving & Hooks

If you have ample wall space, use it. Installing shelving and hooks will allow you to organize all of your coats, winter accessories, umbrellas, cleaning supplies, etc. It’s a storage solution that keeps everything off of the floor and easily accessible.

A mudroom can truly be your saving grace if you’ve accumulated enough clothing, supplies, and accessories for four distinct seasons. The convenience factor alone in having everything neatly displayed and organized will save you time as you leave and return home every day. Morgan Contractors can help you realize your mudroom dreams. Contact us today for a consultation!

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