August 28, 2017

How to Set the Mood with Room Colors


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How to Set the Mood with Room Colors

The rooms in your home evoke different feelings because of their purpose, layout, furniture, smell, and color. Whether you want a cozy and relaxed living room, bright and lively kitchen, or formal dining room, your décor choices play a major role in creating the mood the room will support.

When planning each room, start by asking yourself, “What is the room used for and how do I want my family and my guests to feel when they are in here?” Once you have your answer, you can start ‘designing’ the mood of your room. One of the best ways to support the emotion you want the room to convey is through color choice.

Get Inspired by Looking Around

Starting at the paint store shouldn’t be your first choice. Before you sift through thousands of color chips, look around. What inspires you? What places, colors, and sights make you feel a certain way? Was there a room from your childhood that epitomized cheerfulness and comfort? Does a friend have a living room that you love? Don’t try to ‘fit’ a color to your rooms until you’ve discovered the color palette that your gut tells you is right. Once you’ve done this, then it’s time to get analytical about how to set the mood with room colors.

Take Your Time When Deciding on Color

This is your chance to play the role of interior designer. Look at a huge range of colors and narrow it down based on what you like. Remember that though you may love a paint chip at the store, you may find that you aren’t so excited about it when it is applied to an entire wall. To ‘test’ your color choice, try painting a board with some possible room colors to see what they look like next to the other items and colors in your rooms.

Pro Tip: Don’t hold the new color against the wall color it might replace. Instead, test it against a neutral color – you’ll find the difference, in contrast, can change the way you feel.

Color is one of the most important decisions you can make for your home. Spending your days around colors you don’t love can be a major source of stress and discomfort, so take your time and make the best choice you can. And, at the end of the day, it’s just a coat of paint and you can change it without too much hassle.

Go for the Goldilocks Effect

Too much of a bold color can be overwhelming. Not enough of a bold color against a neutral color can look odd. Three colors you love can look terrible when layered. To set the mood with room colors you need to strike a balance. Get out your kid’s old complementary color wheel from art class to see how colors work together (or don’t). Consider any extremely bright colors as an accent color, rather than the dominant one in a room. Color is about finding that happy medium between striking and dull.

The Color Scheme Cheat Sheet

We encourage you to make room color choices that feel right to you. Even if an expert tells you a color is ‘perfect’ for a room, don’t start painting unless you are completely happy with the choice. Of course, there is a is a lot of information available about the science and psychology of color’s influence on emotion. We suggest combining a few tips from the pros with your own desires. So, to help you set the mood with room colors, we’d like to offer the basics of color science, taken from Anna Starmer’s The Color Scheme Bible:

  • Pink: fun, lively, positive, and feminine
  • Red: passionate, daring, intimate, comforting, stimulates appetite
  • Orange: stimulates creativity, evokes warmth and coziness
  • Yellow: welcoming, sunny, and linked to promoting intelligence
  • Green: tranquil, invigorating, restful and balancing
  • Blue: clear thinking, calm, meditative
  • Violet: stimulating, sexy; blue-violets are cooling, spiritual

If you like a color but aren’t sure how it will turn out when applied to an entire room, do a quick Google images search. There should be plenty of examples of rooms painted with the color you have in mind.

Finally, if you plan to do the painting yourself, make sure you check out our recent article on professional painting tips for DIY jobs. By applying combining the information above with your own design sensibilities and goals for your home, we are certain you will be able to set the mood with room colors.

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