May 7, 2019

Should a Sunroom Be Your Next House Addition?


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Choosing the Right House Addition: The Perks of a Sunroom

If you’re seriously considering a house addition, we may have the perfect solution for you. A sunroom could potentially be the most beneficial addition for your home. Besides providing that extra space you’ve been craving – you will get to enjoy a room full of sun almost all year-round, even during those cooler months.

A sunroom is definitely the more cost-effective option when considering other house additions, as traditional additions require substantial installation, dealing with factors such as plumbing, removing existing walls, and heating etc. With a sunroom, you have the option to use pre-fabricated formats, allowing you to enjoy the benefits within a matter of days or weeks. So, what are the major perks?

All-season enjoyment

Depending on the materials you select, you can significantly extend your outdoor enjoyment year-round. The beauty of floor-to-ceiling windows or screens means you can allow an abundant amount of light in. It’s the perfect combination of shade and sun as the day progresses. This design even allows you to sit out and watch a thunderstorm or two.

Personalized touch

There really are no limits to your vision. Whether you’re envisioning a glass solarium or more of a rustic screened-in look – you’re covered. Keeping up with the existing materials of your exterior, you can use anything from aluminum to vinyl siding. In every shape and size, a sunroom can complement your home’s charm, even improving its curb appeal from the outside.


There’s certainly no shortage of things to do in a sunroom. Take advantage of the light and create a workout room, an additional living space, or greenroom. Finding the time or space to work out during the day can be tedious. By adding an exercise sunroom, you won’t clutter existing rooms with equipment for activities. Additionally, with the availability of ample natural light and protection from the wind and other harsh elements, a greenroom would allow plants, flowers, and produce to thrive.

Best of both worlds

While we love the outdoors, our love for outdoor pests – not so much. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a meal in the sun without the worry of a swarm of insects crashing the party? Eating outdoors is probably one of the most enjoyable activities there is, and a sunroom can make this possible through disagreeable weather and more.

Are you looking to add more space to your home? A sunroom addition can enhance your curb appeal, while creating a lively area to enjoy an unlimited amount of activities year-round. Maybe it’s time for a consultation? Contact the experts at Morgan Contractors today!

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