February 10, 2020

Small Room Renovation Designs 101


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4 Small Room Renovation Tips You Need To Try

Living large does not have to ‘bust the budget.’ The ability to live large within a smaller space only takes a willingness to open one’s mind to new ways of seeing. The following are some small room renovation tips and ‘tricks’ to consider.

Create Open Floor Plans

The most common small room renovation trick to making a more modest space appear visually larger is removing the walls separating two or three combined small rooms. Minimize the room cluttering accessories of endless end tables, coffee tables, and table lamps. Use ceiling lighting or floor-to-ceiling pole lamps in opposite corners to provide even illumination to the room. Allow open shelving or cubes to act as a room divider, while also serving to display the bric-a-brac. Choose one sofa and a long, cushioned bench for seating, one that serves as extra storage space to store books, magazines, and blankets.

Use Wall Space Effectively

In a small bedroom where every inch of floor space matters, use floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinetry to eliminate the bulky clothes dresser. Let a bookshelf double as both a headboard and a nightstand for books.  Remove the doors of the closet and use the nook space as an out-of-the-way built-in desk. Painting walls a lighter, rather than darker color, will push those walls outward optically.  Naturally, for a children’s bedroom, the use of a bunk bed is a superb space saver!

Keep Design in Mind

Along with the previously mentioned bunk bed furniture design, consider nesting end tables for small living rooms, utility carts for a kitchen lacking adequate counter space, a drop-leaf table that adds or subtracts table width in small kitchen or dining room, and furniture offering multiple uses — such as sofa beds, multi-purpose cribs with changing table and dresser, and storage ottomans as part of the small room renovations.

Use monotone colors for floor and wall tiles in small bathrooms or when painting the walls of adjoining rooms to bring about a visual cohesiveness that optimizes the reality of a small space. Larger, rather than smaller, floor tiles will bring the eyes to see the unity of a room and make a small room appear larger. Horizontal striped wallpaper or painted horizontal stripes, as border design, will create the illusion of a longer wall. Vertical striped lines will draw the focus upward rather than on the room space.

Install Mirrors

‘It’s all done with mirrors,’ is the explanation of a magician’s trick that defies and skews reality — as when, ‘TA-DAAAH,’ the facts of a room’s dimensions are skewed by the presence of a mirror, which effectively extends a room’s length and width! Installing a mirror on one wall will give the appearance of more space, alleviating the feeling of being cramped or confined within a space.


If you’d like to take on any of these renovation tricks, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Morgan Contractors today!

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