October 8, 2019

The Beauty Of Architectural Details

The Beauty Of Architectural Details


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4 Ways To Add Architectural Details To Your Home

It’s all about the small details. While there is a diverse range of projects you can take on to beautify your home, finding and installing a select few architectural details may be all you need to enhance your space.

Since we understand how small-scale features translate into significant results, we’ve curated some of the most beautiful elements you’ll want to incorporate into your next home redesign.

Moldings, Moldings, Moldings

There really are no limits to moldings. If you’re looking to enhance the visual interest in any given space, there’s nothing more beautiful than decorative molding. You can create depth to drab walls by adding picture frame molding, establishing a stunning contrast between the crisp white moldings and the paint or wallpaper of your choosing. Adding ceiling trim or cove molding can not only make a room more attractive but also cover unsightly joints or corner guards. You can also run moldings along hallways to create an illusion of length and height as well.


If you’re working with a larger space, columns are a great architectural feature to help separate two distinct areas without having to put up an entire wall. Columns may be load-bearing or merely visual. Pilasters attach to the walls with the same appeal, while columns may rest free-standing amongst the room. Both provide great solutions if you’re interested in creating more visual interest in a large, vast space.

Cove Lighting

This indirect architectural feature can add great warmth to any room. Cove lighting allows you to highlight walls, ceilings, art, and more. If you have a vaulted ceiling, installing cove lighting to illuminate upwards can create a sky-high illusion. You can add mood lighting to your kitchen by incorporating cove lighting under your cabinets. Direct cove lighting downwards if there are any architectural details or artwork pieces you’d like to enhance.

Ceiling Beams

The wonderful thing about ceiling beams is that they are not only visually captivating, but also useful if you want to hide wiring or install recessed lighting. Customized for any style home, you can go with a rustic wood beam or a highly modernized metal beam, it’s about using materials which work best for your home. You’ll want to work with a higher ceiling to avoid darkening or cramping the feel the room.

Incorporating any one of these architectural details into your home will surely improve and strengthen the overall aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking for solutions, Morgan Contractors has delivered seamless results for countless residential spaces. Discover our portfolio today!

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