October 3, 2018

The Latest Innovations in Construction Technology

The Latest Innovations in Construction Technology


Morgan Contractors


Construction Technology is Revolutionizing Residential Builds

In recent years, residential construction has hopped aboard the technological trends. From 3D rendering to high-speed robots, home builds are now being completed more efficiently than ever before. As the technological world around us continues to evolve, let’s take a look into how it has affected residential construction technology.

Virtual Reality

VR technology has stretched far beyond video games. Construction sites are now able to utilize this technology to fully immerse prospective homeowners into the environment of planned construction.

Wearable Technology

New construction technology has even been able to assist in safety measures. Wearable technology can track where workers are within the jobsite, and notify the team when someone has fallen or is injured. This technology can even warn other workers about potential hazards as they are circulating the structure.

Machine Learning

Through machine learning, robots can provide real-time analysis to building companies. Analyzing photos and videos can help identify potential safety violations, and ensure everything is up to par before build competition.

3D Lasers Scanners

With scanning technology, residential construction sites can capture detailed visualizations of a structure, down to 2-millimeters worth of accuracy.


Drone technology has revamped almost every current industry – including construction. Bring material loads and survey the surrounding land faster than ever before.

Robotic Building

Taking the place of manual labor, robotic technology can now complete construction jobs at far superior speeds. This is especially useful when residential projects need heavy lifting.

With enhanced technology comes enhanced productivity. As the housing market flourishes, and more and more people are opting to build or reconstruct their homes, residential construction technology is more prominent than ever. To learn more how you can utilize updated technology in the construction of your home, contact Morgan Contractors today. We specialize in everything from building to remodeling and construction.