A home disaster can be devastating. Whether your home has been affected by a water disaster or destroyed by a fire, it is important to get an experiences crew to properly clean and rebuild your home. Some homes can be fixed while other must be rebuilt. Either way, we can help.

Often home owners work with their insurance representatives as they put their home and their lives back together. Morgan Contractors has experience in fire and water damage and repair and we have worked with numerous insurance agencies to help our clients turn their home back into what it once was.

In addition to the obvious damages, water damage from a flood can leave behind unseen dangers after the water has receded. Dangerous mold can affect your family’s health and rot in you home’s foundation can make it dangerous for you and your loved ones. Fires will leave unhealthy spoke residue and a weak foundation. It is important that an experienced restoration specialist clean and renovate your home properly and an insured and licensed general contractor put your house back together.

At Morgan Contractors, we are properly licensed and carry the necessary insurance. We understand it is a burden to choose a contractor after a home disaster and we can help by offering recent referrals, reports from the Better Business Bureau on our company and any other documentation your might require to help you feel at ease.

Most importantly, we understand that often, our customers have a budget set up by the insurance agency and we will work with you to meet that budget and outline any additional materials, if any, that may not be covered by your insurance.

If you ever face the devastation of a house fire or water damage, please think of Morgan Contractors to help you rebuild your home and your life.


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